My first trip to Whole Foods

Lately, I have been hearing about Whole Foods a lot. A little mention here and there in reviews/blogs etc. I wanted to go to Whole Foods, but never really made it because it was 20 mins drive from home and usually not in our way. Until recently, it opened near our area.

I was expecting high prices, organic products and some vegan stuff.

Yes, most things were priced higher than your regular grocery store. But I think if you compare them with the prices of other organic products in the regular grocery stores, you won’t find much difference.

There were two things that I liked the most about Whole Foods:

1. There were tens of items that I could buy as little or as much as i wanted. For e.g., Flours, rice, nuts, spices and a lot of other things. You just get as much you need, it could be a pinch or a pound. I just got shredded coconut.

2. Stuff was very very well-labeled compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere. Most products I touched had “Non-GMO certified” stamp right on the front. I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t know exactly what GMO was. But, now I know. Also, most things if they were vegan had Vegan explicitly mentioned. I have seen Gluten-free stuff clearly labeled at other places too, but very few products explicitly mention Vegan and Vegetarian. Also, other labels too like Kosher, No-MSG, All-Natural ingredients and stuff like that.

I had almost stopped buying crackers and chips; not just because of health concerns but also because if you see Lays’ list of no-pork snacks, you would realize that it’s not very big. And, it was surprising that just simple flavored corn snacks were not part of that list. That made me realize that they did give the no-pork list probably because of some people’s religious restrictions. But similarly there could be other vegetarian-looking snacks that may contain animal ingredients other than pork. That was one eye-opener after which I tried avoiding these kinda snacks as much as I could. I started buying pop chips as they are one very nice brand, but I’m one of those people who get tired of snacks and need change frequently.

Anywayy, I told this whole story just to mention that I did buy a couple of snacks from Whole Foods as they were very well labeled that they’re vegetarian.

I also bough frozen pizza that I had also stopped buying from other grocery stores because they didn’t mention if their cheese was vegetarian friendly. Most cheese stuff at Whole Foods if they used microbial/vegetable rennet in cheese, they mentioned it. So, I bought a frozen spinach pizza that had mozzarella cheese which was not made with animal enzymes.

All these dietary restrictions that I had put on myself of avoiding animal products actually made me adopt healthier and home-made alternatives. I’m not very health-conscious but I think I have a right to know what I’m eating and I really appreciate Whole Foods in making sure people know what is in their food!