Things I’m very grateful for

I was gonna write about things i’m proud of, but who are we to be “proud” of anything. nothing in the world is ours and no accomplishment is actually ours. Whatever we achieve is through His blessing. So, here are few of the countless things that I was thinking of lately:

  • I’m grateful that even though, we’re a young couple, we own a place to live. There’s mortgage on our property but Alhamdolillah we’re able to pay it with ease. The view from our windows is beautiful, if not breath-taking.
  • I’m grateful that for 2 years, I did a job that was high paying than a lot of my family members who have been living here in the US since forever. It’s not something to boast about, ’cause things are not always in your hand. When you’re choosing a career after high school, you’ve no idea what the job market will be like in 4 years. And your field of interest may not be high-paying even though you’re great at what you do. So, i don’t think i can thank God enough for my job, specially considering I did my education from my own country, and landed a great job relatively easy in the US. Currently, I’m taking a break.
  • I am married for 5 years and happily so. We don’t have kids yet and happily so. We’re now planning to have kids and happily so. May Allah bless us with kids that are able to serve in His way, insha’Allah.
  • Our marriage hasn’t been a fairy tale. But it has been working out good.
  • One of the things that I’m proud of is that we still don’t have a tablet in our home. We upgraded to smart phones in 2012. And have two laptops. But, no tablet. Don’t think we need it. After thinking for a long long time, I’ve finally bought the most basic e-reader. Hope that doesn’t count as tablet. Does it?
  • It has almost been 3 months since I de-activated facebook. Yes, there have been times when I logged in and de-activated again. But the account has yet to see a whole day of activation. So, whatever. This is an achievement. I didn’t think I would be able to do it. And, even though, I’ve re-activated so many times but I’ve always de-activated right after. And that had helped in controlling the time on facebook A LOT!
  • I’ve completed 2 books on my e-reader. One of them very long! Don’t know after how long have i finished a book. I feel great about that.
  • My stack overflow points are 550+. Never thought I would be able to earn anything!

.. More to come later.


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