De-Activation After Effects

So, I de-activated my facebook/twitter accounts so i can concentrate better on the work that I’m doing. It’s work with little to no accountability and I’m working from home. Although, no one is home for a good 9 hours, I still felt very distracted and little hiccups in the work would have me lose all concentration and in case, i’m waiting for download/build, I completely get lost in browsing.

Now that the biggest distractions are gone, my sub-conscious is finding other distractions. I will open YouTube for no reason. Waste time watching one video after the other. I was a very infrequent YT user, but in the absence of other distractions, where do i go?

I have decided that whenever I encounter the “wait” time. I will come here. Write something. Since I’ve never been good at writing, and don’t enjoy it. I will be in the “can’t wait to go back to work” situation. HOPEFULLY.


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