Walmart Mobile App – What I like

Okay, so I don’t usually browse products in Walmart’s mobile app, as it isn’t a lot of fun. But, it does come in handy. As they have the feature of searching a product by scanning a bar code (just like Amazon).

However, my favorite feature of the app is the eReceipts and Savings Catcher. How it works is, you can just scan the QR code on the receipt and you now have an eReceipt. No need to keep saving the receipts anymore to return stuff. Added bonus is that Walmart looks for advertised deals within the area for that week, and give you money back if something you bought was priced lower somewhere else. Win-win situation for you!

The savings aren’t huge. In about 15 receipts, I’ve only got $1.48 back. But, to me what’s more important is I now have electronic record of the things I’ve bought. So if I need to look back, it’s far easier.


De-Activation After Effects

So, I de-activated my facebook/twitter accounts so i can concentrate better on the work that I’m doing. It’s work with little to no accountability and I’m working from home. Although, no one is home for a good 9 hours, I still felt very distracted and little hiccups in the work would have me lose all concentration and in case, i’m waiting for download/build, I completely get lost in browsing.

Now that the biggest distractions are gone, my sub-conscious is finding other distractions. I will open YouTube for no reason. Waste time watching one video after the other. I was a very infrequent YT user, but in the absence of other distractions, where do i go?

I have decided that whenever I encounter the “wait” time. I will come here. Write something. Since I’ve never been good at writing, and don’t enjoy it. I will be in the “can’t wait to go back to work” situation. HOPEFULLY.