The Why Of The De-Activation!

I recently deactivated some accounts. I would never admit it to ANYONE, and surely nobody knows (Thank God, God is a secret-keeper) that all I used to do on those forums was stalking! Duh, what else are they made for?

I was never one of those people who would share their personal photos, or their achievements or their love for their friends and family, so what am I supposed to do over there?

It’s not that I wouldn’t like to share my achievements, but you know what, I never wanted to make anybody jealous. And if you don’t already know, there’s something called evil-eye. Whether you believe in it or not, I just don’t want to be the target.

I live in North America, and most of my friends are from sub-continent who are living in sub-continent. Even sharing photos of beautiful views here would make them jealous(is there a milder term for jealous? because, that may not make them really jealous but you know, somewhere along those terms). So, I didnt want to do that too.

As for sharing thoughts, unless I had something really good to say, I would avoid saying it. You lose the importance of your words when you utter a lot of them. Also, you get judged more often. Also, there are more chances of you saying something wrong. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say anything but think before you speak. Since, it’s easier to think before I write, I tend to make more mistakes while speaking.

Okay, so I was just there checking it a thousand times a day for what?? Once in a while, I will benefit from something great that somebody else shared. But other than that. I just wasted time.

As they say, time is money. I was wasting money. Oh, sh!t.

Don’t know if I would able to do anything big with the saved time. But let’s hope I make some good use of it. The first good thing that came out of de-activation is the first proper blog post. Not that anybody’s interested. But, who cares? Wait, who doesn’t?

Whatever, see ya later.


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